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Flex Rental Solutions | Flex Rental Solutions Rental Management Software

Flex Rental Solutions | Flex Rental Solutions - Rental Management Software

Warehouse Management
Flex is built with real-world warehouse and inventory needs in mind. Flex offers powerful tools for modeling inventory the way you use it, with built-in support for virtual items, racks, kits and road cases. Our equipment dashboard shows you where all your gear is at the present time, and our availability calculations are fully integrated with backorders and sub-rentals.
Quote Building
The Quote is the main financial document in Flex. Most people will start the job building process with a Quote. You can add inventory and services to a Quote, create a Pull Sheet, add POs as child documents, generate an Invoice, and more.
Barcode Printing
Flex supports most common barcode scanners. This includes includes wireless, Bluetooth, and USB wedge-style scanners via a quick and easy to use scanning process offering rich progress feedback, instant error notifications, and voice prompts for long-range wireless operation. Flex can integrate directly with specific networked barcode printers, eliminating the need for preprinting barcodes or using third party label printing software.

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Web-Based Rental Management Software for the Live Event Industry

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