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Pacific Power Source, Inc. | UPC Studio Software Software

Pacific Power Source, Inc. | UPC Studio Software - Software

Pacific Power Source’s new UPC Studio software allows exceptional Control of your UPC equipped Pacific AC Power Source. Operated from your PC’s GPIB or RS-232 interface, all areas of control and measurement are presented in a greatly enhanced, easy to use, graphical interface.
Waveform Editor for Real World Simulation
Our unique Waveform Editor allows you to simulate virtually any type of waveform with a Pacific AC Power Source. Improved program control through the use of Output Sequences allows you to attach waveforms to each Output Sequence ensuring the correct Waveform is used. The Waveform import feature allows you to use selected Oscilloscope waveforms to simulate real world applications.

UPC Studio provides quick and easy control over the basic functions of a Pacific Power Source AC Power Source. Presets for 50, 60, and 400Hz are provided for most common applications. Form, Coupling, Current Limit, Voltage, and Waveforms are all easily accessed from this single easy to use soft panel.

UPC Studio requires Firmware versions 5.0 and higher for the UPC32/12 and UPC3/1 controllers only.

  • Manufacturer Location:United States
Manufacturer Name
Pacific Power Source, Inc. (9)
Irvine, California
Sold Through
AC Power Solutions
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